5 min readMar 16, 2022

Hello community,

NALI Project is taking shape and we look forward to introducing you to the proposals and applications that we will launch throughout 2022.

On our new site NFT categories that we will support through proprietary applications are shown, we will proceed to deepen them in this and subsequent articles.

The first platforms released on the NALI Closed Beta will be three: NAO / SWAP and Altair.

In this article we will deepen the NAO platform and SWAP.

What is NAO

NAO (Nali Autonomous Organization) is the proprietary Voting platform written from scratch by our IT department. Through it, the actions that will contribute to improving the NALI ecosystem more and more will be managed.

The voting token will be called $NAO. This token is an ERC-1155 NFT that has no application outside our ecosystem and is intended for the governance of NAO. Its value is proportional 1: 100 with respect to the $NALI token (1 $ NAO = 0.01 $ NALI).

Vote Proposal

Any decision regarding our platform, whether it is of a nature:

· Technical

· Marketing

· NALI’s Apps (NAO/Altair/Orion/Stardust/Librae/Draco)

it can be voted in total transparency and in a democratic way by the NALI community through the Voting platform — NAO.

How can I buy $NAO?

The $NAO are an exclusive token of the NALI Project platform, therefore the $NAO have no function and will not be available for open market (LP) trading outside our platform.

SWAP Button

$NAO can be bought / sold through the NAO SWAP platform.

Swap Application to BUY / SELL - NAO

The fees applied on the occasion of the $NAO BUY and SELL are equal to 0%.

In addition, the amount of $NAO held will be viewable only within the NALI platform.

How does the Voting process on NAO work?

  • Own $NAO tokens
  • Lock the $NAO for the duration of the proposal

Having respected the minimum requirements and connected to the Voting — NAO platform, it will be possible to propose and/or vote on the proposals.

1. STAKE / UNSTAKE: in order to vote and / or create a proposal it will be necessary to STAKE your $NAO.

STAKE and UNSTAKE Fees are not applied.

2. In the TOPICS all the proposals are organized by type. In addition to those shown in the example, there will be:

|__ System update (ONLY CORE TEAM PROPOSALS)



3. PROPOSAL: the title of the proposal followed by its content and the multiple choices to VOTE will be indicated in the Proposals form at the top left. On the left of the forms, the expiry date of the proposal and the QUANTITY of $NAO to be locked for the VOTING will be displayed.

Once the proposal and/or vote has expired, it will be possible to place your $ NAOs in UNSTAKE which will be unlocked.

4. DATE AND TIME: At the top right of the main screen, you can see in real time the $NAOs that are currently locked.

5. CREATE PROPOSAL: in addition to VOTING the proposals it will be possible to create them. The amount of $NAO owned and locked up will vary according to the TOPICS CATEGORIES.

By creating a proposal, the FORM will be filled in indicating the correct category, a TITLE and the DESCRIPTION of the proposal, the duration of the proposal. The creation of multiple choices is foreseen.

N.B. The NALI Core Team will supervise the proposals so that the categories are respected and will proceed to moderate the sub-categories and contents in order to avoid possible flames.


NAO aims to ensure transparency, clarity, democracy both of information and of the decisions taken.

The Voting — NAO platform will reach its highest level of importance with Altair and the other NALI-Apps that will be released in 2022.

For example, the community will be able to propose to the NALI team through a voting proposal, to develop a solution linked to the participation and opening of nodes with passive income, the CORE Team will proceed to analyze the proposal, will provide the best solution in terms of economic income, and will proceed to its development.

The community will also be able to propose and vote for technical upgrades of the web structure in order to make the use of the platform even more user friendly or by improving a specific aspect.

Finally, a discord channel dedicated to NALI Project and NALI-Apps will be created in 2022. Within the Discord channel, a section dedicated to the NAO will be created which will generate a first quorum allowing the best proposals of the community to be published on the Voting platform — NAO.




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