NALI Team Marketing said Hello!

El Mariachi and F3L1x here from the TGT Marketing Team!

Hi guys, welcome to our space. We created the first article to briefly show you where our focus is.

We would like to inform you that the community will always be updated on all the news and objectives we have decided to achieve. We must be transparent and we have a fantastic community that talks about us in the crypto space. The community and artists are excited by our fabulous initiatives and for the improvement that we will bring to the ecosystem.

Let us introduce our targets about the NALI’s Marketing Campaign:

• 🔊 BROADCAST: NALI is here and we want to make it popular in the cryptocurrency world and beyond! Many influencers, companies and media, are showing an interest in NALI and we are evaluating the best partnerships that will bring value to the project and that will open an important and international communication network. It is truly exciting that some of the world’s most successful players are taking an interest in NALI and asking for more information to meet us.

• 🛡️ AUDIT: we know that the audits are very important to ensure trust and clarity with all our owners. The first successful audit was carried out with MythX, but we want to inspire you with the greatest possible security on the NALI ecosystem, and we are already moving towards a new audit with Hacken. We have also decided to carry out a third final audit with CertiK. We know that our dev ELCOCINERO has really done a great job with the creation of the NALI smart contract, but getting positive ratings from independent third parties is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate to the whole Crypto community the quality of our work and we will not want to miss it!

• 📰MEDIA: NALI is everywhere, we are starting to do an aggressive but solid and serious marketing campaign, we are in all the best trending networks now. We are on Twitter, Medium, Telegram, Instagram and the best is yet to come! We are attentive to all the new marketing techniques on trend and we talk about neuromarketing, fashion marketing, design marketing, influencer marketing and content marketing, all carried out at the highest level. We will be supported in rotation by some of the best digital marketing companies with a Crypto focus, to take advantage of their skills and their communication channels; we will learn from the best and we will not stop! The best marketing strategiest will work with NALI to help our Planet. We also intend to harness meme marketing in all its power, and we know how much the Crypto world loves memes!

• 🤝 COMMUNITY: we know, you’ve never thought of yourself as the best and most powerful marketing tool for a crypto project, yet believe us when we tell you that you are! We don’t ask you to be NALI’s holder without rewarding yourself, NALI’s success is community success. For the first time in the Crypto world we have studied an ecosystem that actively rewards “dimond-hands”. The “Green Hand” level is pegged to the US dollar, the more the value of the NALI token increases and the easier it will be to become a “Green Hand” to the point of claiming the title of “Supreme Green Hand” Master. Everyone can become a “Green Hand”. Remember that “word of mouth” is the best technique to bring a project to global success. Talk to everyone at NALI, become a “Green Hand” and participate in the extraction of the fantastic artistic NFTs. Help us burn the supply and you will become a “Supreme Green Hand”, you will be given a real NFT digital artwork through one of our NALI partner artists.

…AND MUCH MORE 👀: before going to the moon we want to help the planet! All environmental and humanitarian initiatives that will obtain NALI’s help through donations will be communicated and updated on the NALI website and on NALI’s information channels. Let’s build an ecosystem outside the box together! We have it through the innovative Tokenomics and thanks to the innovative NALI Token design which, together with the NFT platform and marketplace, possess unique and innovative features! We really listened to the digital artist community and identified their needs and how to meet them! We intend to pay particular attention to the NFTs connected to the Metaverse and to the VR/AR by encouraging the artists who will proceed in this direction. You can find out all this by reading our Green Paper and following us on our media channels.

Be impressed by the power of NALI and let’s walk together towards a greener future!



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