4 min readMar 15, 2022

This is EL MAGO,

There are so many innovations that we have brought to DeFi by presenting ALTAIR to the crypto world.

Everything we have created for the community is fantastic, but we don’t stop there. The NFT Ticket we are here presenting has become an opportunity to generate a fee for all those who will work with us to make NALI Project known and expand the community of holders.

To take advantage of incredible opportunities and the potential of the ALTAIR platform in its multiple solutions it is necessary to become the owner of the NFT Ticket ALTAIR which has a cost of 250 USDC|USDT|BUSD.

If you participated in the snapshot taken on March 15th, 2022 at 12:00 CET you will be able to get NFT Access to the Altair platform at the special price of $187.5 in USDC|USDC|BUSD stable coin or you can burn our NALI token or the partnerships token that we will annouce, but you won’t be enable to partecipate to our ambassador campaign.

We took a snapshot as of March 15, 2022 at 12:00 CET and all those who have more than 10 NALI tokens in their portfolio will be able to become owners of the NFT Ticket ALTAIR by incurring a lower cost equal to 187,5 USDC|USDT|BUSD as the first NALI Project AMBASSADORS.

The 187,5 USDC|USDT|BUSDs will be divided as follows:

- 125 USDC|USDT|BUSD to the NALI team
- 63 USDC|USDT|BUSD distributed to NALI holders in proportion to the NALI tokens held in the portfolio as rewards.

Those who do not have at least 10 NALI tokens in their wallet at the time of the snapshot will incur a cost of 250 USDC|USDT|BUSD but will be able to take advantage of the first AMBASSADORS to receive a discounted fee by entering the wallet of an NFT Ticket ALTAIR owner (CASE 1), or the wallet of a PROMOTER (CASE 2).

Those who do not have an NFT Ticket ALTAIR, but still strive to make NALI Project known in the crypto world, are considered PROMOTERS. There is a rewards plan for them, although they are lower than the AMBASSADORS.

To become AMBASSADOR or PROMOTER of NALI Project it is not necessary to own $NALI (except for the first holders who are guaranteed a cost of 187,5 $ USDC|USDT|BUSD instead of 250 $ USDC|USDT|BUSD).

Here is an example to understand the distribution of fees for each NFT Ticket purchase:

w1 = the wallet that buys an NFT ticket ALTAIR

w2 = the wallet already holder of NFT ticket ALTAIR (AMBASSADOR) and entered by w1

w3 = the wallet does not own NFT ticket ALTAIR (PROMOTER) and entered by w1

When w1 buys an NFT ticket ALTAIR we will therefore have 3 possible cases:

CASE 1 : w1 enters a w2 (AMBASSADOR wallet) in the dedicated cell

- 30 USDC|USDT|BUSD (12%) w1 (purchaser NFT Ticket)


- 125 USDC|USDT|BUSD (50%) Team

- 62,5 USDC|USDT|BUSD (25%) Community

CASE 2: w1 inserts a w3 (PROMOTER wallet) in the dedicated cell

- 7,5 USDC|USDT|BUSD (3%) w1 (purchaser NFT ticket)


- 170 USDC|USDT|BUSD (68%) Team

- 62,5 USDC|USDT|BUSD (25%) Community

CASE 3: w1 does not insert any w2 / w3 in the dedicated cell

- 187,5 USDC|USDT|BUSD (75%) Team

- 62,5 USDC|USDT|BUSD (25%) Community

ALTAIR will not be the only platform whose access to products will require ownership of an NFT Ticket, also ORION, STARDUST, LIBRAE (for non-participants in the first OTC campaign) and DRACO will see similar solutions to the one presented in this article.

There are many advantages that we will achieve through NFT TICKETs:

- The NALI team will have an income that it will be able to use in many ways (LP enlargement, tokenomics revisions, purchase of $NALI on the market to support value, marketing and development activities, provide liquidity and hedging, all without the need to sell $NALI on the market and safeguarding its value);

- Distribution of rewards airdropped to the community and in proportion to the $NALI held in the wallet (we have replaced the reflections given by the trading volumes with earnings in favor of the community generated directly by marketing activities, influencers etc., thus the distribution of BUSD preserves the value of $NALI on the market and the slippage is totally dedicated to the burn of circulating tokens with a double positive effect);

- The great influencers and youtubers, will potentially be able to play the role of ambassadors or promoters, and will be encouraged to make NALI Project known in the world by accessing the commission plan;

- Our first holders with at least 10 $NALI in their wallet at the time of the snapshot will be able to take advantage of a discounted price for the purchase of the NFT TICKET ALTAIR (187,5 USDC/USDT/BUSD instead of 250 BUSD);

- All NALI holders as AMBASSADORS (NFT Ticket ALTAIR holders) or PROMOTERS (not NFT Ticket ALTAIR holders) will be able, through word of mouth, to access a source of income paid in BUSD both on the NALI Project platforms of their direct interest and from those in which they have not yet invested;

- New buyers of NFT Tickets have an big incentive, in economic terms, to insert a wallet AMBASSADOR or PROMOTER from a WIN — WIN perspective;

- Allowing everyone the freedom of access to the use of the NALI Project platforms, even to non-owners of $NALI (except for the solutions in which a lock of $NALI is required), can produce a very high increase in terms of volumes on each platform.

Stay tuned, because the innovations we bring to the DeFI world do not end here and will never cease to amaze you!




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