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This is EL MAGO,

I wish all our holders a fantastic 2022 and I want to start the year by talking about the NFT categories that we will develop at NALI Project for you.

The NALI Project NFT ecosystem will see the coexistence of the classic and best known NFTs related to the world of art, music, gaming and multimedia alongside the innovative NFTs exclusively invented by NALI Project.

We remind everyone that between the first and second quarter of 2022 there will be the birth of the DAO (NALI-DAO) of NALI Project and its governance token.

The $NALIDAO tokens will provide voting rights, exclusive rewards and part of the dividends and earnings created within the NALI Project ecosystem.

Our ecosystem will be divided into the following 5 NFT categories:

  • Traditional NFTs: Art, Music, AR / VR, Gaming
  • NFT Certificates: compliance certification, fight against green washing, COA
  • Equity NFTs: Ticket share of the NALI PROJECT patrimonial fund
  • Financial NFTs: DAO investment funds, front running bots, arbitrage bots
  • Safe NFTs: decentralized “safe” access ticket

“Each NFT category will have a dedicated section within our platform and will provide exclusive benefits.”


The category of traditional NFTs includes NFTs related to the world of art, music, AR / VR, gaming, and multimedia.

In the last year this category of NFTs has grown considerably in sales volumes, attracting everyone’s attention and kicking off the phenomenon of the metaverse.

At NALI Project, we consider this category as the tool underlying our ecosystem, while striving, however, to apply it as much as possible also to situations in the real economy.

To do this we are developing some important innovations also linked to traditional NFTs:

Through the NFT we will certify the “physical” and intellectual property, as well as regulate the use of what is creative. Two sections of our platform will arise from this Copyright model use, represented by a certified art exchange marketplace and a fruition platform. The fruition platform, as well as making available a huge amount of content, will allow various operations (such as in the musical field), the possibility for an artist to retain their fans through their active participation in the artistic life of the character (tickets that give the right to special contents such as participation in concerts behind closed doors, backstage, or fix a dinner with the artist).

Through the DAO, the owners will also be able to participate in the development of a new album, acting as “producers” or financiers, subsequently obtaining fees based on the success of the project and much more.


NFT Certificates will have great development in the Blockchain field because they will link the real economy to the Blockchain and to the crypto world. They will find application in many sectors and we of the Nali team will produce several “designing” them tailored to specific sectors.

First of all, what was most important to us was to think of a tool capable of enhancing “green companies”, that is, those companies who give life to products and services with a low environmental impact and who can provide a real benefit to the well-being of the Planet. Hence the idea of ​​creating ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFICATIONS that go beyond the concept of supply chain certification, which would be integrated with certifications related to the company’s green attitude in modernizing, guaranteeing not only its own propensity for the environment but also that of supplier and partner. The goal is also to contribute strongly to the fight against GREEN WASHING, that is, to the practice used by many companies for exclusively marketing purposes, to the detriment of legitimate green companies.

In addition to this type of application, we plan with some of our partners to link the Certification NFTs to the real estate world, through different formulas. First of all in the tokenization of projects which will allow the entry of capital during the launch phase or sales, through NFT Certificates that will determine the method with speed and total safety.

“The DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) are decentralized bodies that through a smart contract regulate votes and decisions of the various projects in a democratic and impartial way without central authorities that can alter their vericity.”


The Equity NFTs represent the share of participation in the NALI Project’s Reserve of Value, they are exclusive for all those who will purchase $ NALI on the OTC market, or for those who will purchase the equity NFTs distributed to the participants in the OTC rounds on the future dedicated section in the NALI marketplace.

All those who purchase $ NALI on the OTC market will receive an NFT containing the data necessary to participate in the capital reserves of NALI Project.

There will be multiple uses of the reserves that will be used for the purposes of:

● Purchase tokens related to pre-listing NFT gaming projects on DEX platforms

● Purchase project tokens on DEX platforms

● Purchase NFTs for sale on the DEX marketplace with a view to potential protection and growth of their future value

Each decision will be taken by the users adhering to the DAO and through the vote of the community in relative majority (or other form of majority decided by the community).

The jobs will be held in a decentralized way using a third-party platform not owned by NALI Project which will act as an escrow to fully protect and guarantee security for the community.

For the purposes of managing the votes and the DAO, the NALI team will receive a fee equal to 1% of the value of the assets at the time of positive achievement of the vote.

“The community will be able to check the trend and value of NALI being used in real time in dedicated sections.”

Our decentralized equity fund will allow all large and small investors through the holding of $ NALI + $ NALI DAO token (to which we will dedicate a future full article) to obtain participation shares in projects dedicated to NFT gaming, metaverses and art. We are already in contact with important players in the gaming world, project incubators, internationally renowned artists.


Financial NFTs will make it possible to take advantage of the opportunities for investing in funds linked to NALI DAO and the investment decisions taken by the community.

There will also be funds and strategies related to the use of BOTs created on specific requirements for the NALI Project.

There will be two different solutions, the first which can be accessed by all NALI owners, while the second is dedicated to the Supreme Green Hands.

Solutions designed for all NALINES:

  • Allocate its resources in a pool managed on the basis of decisions taken by relative majority through the votes of the DAO.
  • Each pool that groups of users of the DAO will want to set up to achieve common purposes.

Solutions designed exclusively for NALInes VIPs ang Supreme Gree Hands:

  • Take advantage of NALI’s front running BOTs (solution under development and testing)
  • Take advantage of NALI’s arbitrage BOTs (solution under development and testing)

Financial NFTs are a great innovation that NALI Project will bring to the DEFI world and to the NFT universe, they represent the future of the most used form of investment. Just think of the possibility of accessing funds that follow the strategies of the best traders in the world. Each different strategy will be decided upon a vote by the DAO, with the simplicity of bringing capital to the fund, accessing and disposing of one’s share through an NFT.

By merging capital, excluding any possibility of scam, there will also be the firepower to become WHALES on low market capitalization tokens, thus guiding the trend in the value of the token, which is impossible or extremely difficult if operating with single positions.

Last but not least, the exclusive possibility for NALINES VIPs and Supreme Green Hands to access and use the front running BOTs and arbitrage BOTs in the development and testing phase and which will be specific to NALI Project, without the fear of accessing unknown services, of dubious reputation and possible scams.

“The possibilities of financial NFTs are endless!”


SAFE NFTs will allow the divestment of assets for the sake of the security of their possession. The assets will remain the exclusive property of the user, who will be able to access them thanks to the NFT SAFE, which will represent the ticket to access his decentralized “safe”.

The absolute innovation of the product is inherent in the way in which the opt-in and opt-out users will be able to manage their assets in a decentralized way in safety and ease of marketing.

Security is guaranteed by a specific function that will allow you to replicate in an NFT the right to access a third non-custodial wallet using a special secret key different from that of the main wallet owned by the user, in order to safeguard the assets if a wallet was compromised for links to scam sites, fake, token scam, etc ..

Countless users have lost their capital and tokens held in non-custodial wallets due to a simple error related to trying to sell a scam token found in the wallet or to connecting to a fake pancakeswap site or others. Through the SAFE NFTs all funds will be safe and if unauthorized access occurs or the wallet is violated, or the wallet seed phrase is lost, the funds will be safe thanks to this special NFT.





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