NALI Project — Explanation of Round OTC and DAO preview

5 min readDec 10, 2021


Dear NALInes, first of all we wanted to thank you.

Thank you for the wonderful community that is growing with us and thank you for the precious support that everyday, through comments, suggestions, GIFs and stickers you are showing within our social channels. We stemmed from the community and from people who, like us, see the potential in the project. We are proceeding fast and the credit is yours too.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the imminent start of the OTC-Over the Counter rounds.

What is an OTC round?

The OTC round is a parallel exchange that takes place outside the pairing of the current NALI / BNB pool. This exchange is created to allow projects to raise capital, at a fixed price and without being subject to market fluctuations.

What amount of $NALI will be distributed in the OTC round?

In the OTC round, 300 NALI will be distributed. Once we will receive BNB for the equivalent value of 300 NALI (priced at $370 each), any BNB in excess sent to the gnosis wallet dedicated for OTC collection, will be sent back to the related wallets. Wallets left out from this round will be able to attempt to participate in subsequent OTC rounds.

How can I participate in the OTC round?

To participate in the OTC round, you must already have $NALI for an equivalent of at least 1 BNB in your wallet. If you do not have at least a NALI equivalent of 1 BNB in your portfolio, you will first have to buy NALI on the market until this limit is reached.

Only purchases processed BY METAMASK / TrustWallet will be allowed.

N.B.: Transactions originating from CEX such as (Binance / Kucoin / FTX / etc …) will not be considered.

At the end of the OTC campaign we will proceed to:

1) Buy NALI on the market for an equivalent value of 20% of the collection, at the current price of $ 367.91, this means that we will strive to bring the value of NALI on the market to an unexpected figure. One thing is certain, you will see NALI value growth of over 100%. In order to avoid speculation on the price of NALI until the end of the OTC campaign, the value of NALI taken as a reference for the BNB / NALI conversion will be set to $370.

2) After the buyback, 60% of the capital raised in the OTC campaign will be used to add liquidity to the LP BNB / NALI. This is important in order to add liquidity, allow a greater number of trades on the market and at the same time begin to decrease the price impact when buying and selling the token on the market, while still maintaining excellent volatility.

3) Once the expansion of the LP is complete, the remaining 20% ​​of the collection will be transformed into NALI and sent to a gnosis wallet. Here they will remain blocked for 3 months and at the end will provide rewards equal to 50 NALI (16.66% return in 3 months, equal to an APR of 66.66%), which will be distributed in proportion to the relative owners.

What gains will you have by participating in the OTC round?

1) You will have a reward equal to 16.66% for 3 months on the NALI tokens that you will purchase in OTC.

2) You will buy NALI at a fixed market value of $370 saving on slippage equal to 7% and avoiding market swing, this is reflected in a much greater number of NALI in OTC compared to the normal purchase in the market (OTC purchase price will allow a gain between 10% and 30% compared to purchasing directly on the market).

3) You will be able to take advantage of the increase, equal to over 100%, in the value of NALI on the market thanks to our buyback.

4) You will contribute to the increase in liquidity to NALI’s LP.

5) The first OTC round will take place before the start of our extensive international marketing campaign which will lead to a potential further increase in the value of the token.

What additional benefits does participation in the OTC round provide?

NALI is a community and community also means DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). Yes, you got it right, we talked about the Marketplace but first of all the NALI Project is an Ecosystem. In addition to the Marketplace, which will see the light at the beginning of the new year 2022, NALI-DAO and its governance token will be created at the same time.

NALI-DAO will provide voting rights, exclusive rewards, and part of the dividends within the NALI ecosystem.

Creating our decentralized fund will allow all large and small investors, through the holding of the $NALI token + the Governance token (to which we will dedicate a future full article), to obtain participation shares in projects dedicated to NFT gaming, metaverses and art.

We are already in contact with important players in the gaming world, project incubators, and internationally renowned artists.

I am already a holder, what advantages do I have?

Ok, you can now stop holding your breath… First of all, keep in mind that NALI tokens can be converted into the future NALI-DAO…. hint…. hint… holder, keep your $NALI and keep them well guarded. A snapshot will be taken to the current NALI holders together with those who will participate in the OTC round and 1 “ticket” will be delivered which will be contracted through an NFT. This participation NFT is an entry ticket that will give you the right to access special rewards, marketplace transaction dividends, investment earnings just like Venture Capitals do.

You got it right, for the first time you will become a Venture Capital, you will feel like part of the Olympus of INSTITUTIONS!!!

If one day you want to get out of the NALI ecosystem, you will be free to trade this NFT within our Marketplace like any other NFTs to other NALI holders. The exclusive NFT dedicated to this OTC will also have incredible value in the market!!! Hold on to it tightly!!!

1st Round OTC — Ended Tuesday December 7th at 21:00 CET (priced at $ 370 each) with a total raised of 127,88 BNB.

  • 76.72 BNB ( 60% of the capital raised ) were added in the liquidity pool NALI/BNB .
  • 30 BNB ( 20% more ) BNB has been swapped in $NALI at the 1:11am - CET price was 674.55 BUSD.

2nd Round TBD — will start in the first part of December 2021 ( check our socials like Telegram/Telegram Accouncements/Twitter to stay updated).




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