3 min readDec 28, 2021

Dear NALInes,

We are here today to update you on the next steps in the development of the NALI ecosystem and to summarize what has been done to date.

On November 22nd, we successfully launched the NALI token! After the launch week we resumed work on the NFT marketplace. We are working with a team of UI / UX professionals to ensure an efficient, purposeful, and easy to use interface for all products of the ecosystem. What we are creating is not just an NFT marketplace, which is NALI’s core product, but a complete DeFi ecosystem.

Equity NFTs

Equity NFTs, which act as a store of value, will be released exclusively for all those who have participated in the OTC rounds, or for those who will purchase the NFTs distributed to the participants in the OTC rounds on the dedicated section in the NALI marketplace.
An NFT will be reserved for each participant in the OTC rounds containing the data useful for participating in the capital reserves of NALI.

There will be multiple uses of the reserves that will be used for the purposes of:

  • Purchasing tokens relating to pre-listing of NFT gaming projects on DEX platforms
  • Purchasing project tokens on DEX platforms
  • Purchasing NFTs for sale on the DEX marketplaces for potential feature growth

Each decision will be taken by the users adhering to the DAO and through the vote of the community in relative majority (or other form of majority decided by the community in the pre-vote phase).
The funds will be held in a decentralized way using a third-party platform not owned by NALI which will act as an escrow for complete protection and security for the community.

The final version of the product may differ from these specifications as we are in the middle of development

For the purposes of managing the votes and the DAO, the NALI team will receive a fee equal to 1% of the value of the assets upon successful achievement of the vote.
The community will be able to check the trend and value of NALI being used in real time in dedicated sections.

Financial NFTs

The absolute innovation of this product is inherent in the way in which users will be able to opt-in and opt-out, they will manage their assets in a decentralized way in safety and easy marketability.
Security is guaranteed by a specific function that will allow you to replicate in an NFT the right to access a third non-custodial wallet using a special secret key different from that of the main wallet owned by the user, in order to safeguard the assets if a wallet was compromised for links to scam sites, fake, token scam, etc ..
In addition to the possible dispossession of assets for the purposes of security of possession, financial NFTs will allow:

Solutions designed exclusively for NALInes VIPs:

  • Take advantage of NALI’s front running BOTs (solution under development and testing)
  • Take advantage of NALI’s arbitrage BOTs (solution under development and testing)

Solutions designed for all NALInes:

  • Allocate its resources in a pool managed on the basis of decisions taken by relative majority through the votes of the DAO.
  • Each pool that groups of users of the DAO will want to set up to achieve common purposes.

Stay tuned for upcoming developer update journals to learn more about the NALI ecosystem.




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