Appendix: Altair DeX Funds and Altair V2

4 min readOct 3, 2022


Greetings from El Mago,

you may be wondering why you should create a fund in ALTAIR V.2, let me quickly give you few good reasons why you must!

Before i start, let’s be all clear that each NFT only provides access to its own fund assets, therefore managers will not be able to withdraw the funds of other users or send them to a personal non-custodial wallet.

Liquidity Providers (LPs) are selected by the NALI Project team and chosen from PancakeSwap’s LPs with higher liquidity.

Opening a fund will allow you to:

1. Maintain ownership of tokens and coins in a decentralized way;

2. You will be able to take advantage of the dex re-balance function;

3. You will keep your assets more securely than a simple non-custodial wallet;

4. Significantly increase security in managing your tokens without worrying about interacting in a risky way with token scams or connecting to fraudulent sites and avoiding the risk of having your funds stolen;

5. The withdraw of your funds can be received at your choice on a second non-custodial wallet owned by you;

6. You will manage your assets on one or more decentralized smart contracts without the need to carry out KYC. All in a non-custodial wallet external to your personal non-custodial wallet, accessible at any time through your NFT;

7. You will be able to apply common strategies to multiple assets in a single solution without having to worry about applying the same strategy on each individual asset;

8. You will be able to buy and sell tokens in a single operation quickly and safely, instead of proceeding individually;

9. You will be able to create more funds if you want to apply a different strategy for each of them;

10. Through copy trading you can follow the strategies of expert traders, maintaining the ability to switch between all the other funds existing on Altair DEX Fund at any time. This way you can take advantage of the most performing strategies during any phase of the market;

11. If you have a community of traders you can create your strategy and invite your subscribers to join your funds in a decentralized way, or follow you through copy trading;

12. Keep all users updated by writing in your fund’s journal;

♾And much more…

You can also simply join an existing fund, managed by the trader that has gain your trust the most. You can evaluate their performace by viewing the assets they holds in their funds and the historical recorded performances.

This all sounds great, and now I’m going to give you a simple example of how you can use this in your favor.

Let’s imagine you are a trader who operates on assets with diversified strategies based on the degree of risk you assign to each token. You will then have diversified your portfolio into stablecoins, bitcoin, altcoins and shitcoins. You can then create 4 funds corresponding to the four categories and manage them separately based on the market phase and the performance obtained. You will also be able to manage the risk of the most speculative funds, in the phases of market trend inversion, by doing copy trading of the fund that invests in stablecoins or in assets with an estimated lower risk class. In this way you will have to deal with the management of 4 funds divided according to the degree of risk, instead of having to deal with 20 or more tokens contained within your personal wallet.

You could also set a periodic automatic or manual re-balance of your choice, on each individual fund in order to keep each asset in the fund constant over time. This way you can take profits and sell tokens that have risen quickly, redistribute the profits on tokens that have fallen behind in the ascent, and periodically take advantage of the rise of lagging tokens, redistributing the profits produced fairly.

You know well that when you have many tokens in your wallet, doing these few operations, although simple at first sight, becomes tremendously complex. It requires many calculations to determine the % of each asset on the total funds held, buy and sell each token separately and redefine the % corrected for each asset. These processes take a very long time and you will probably lose control of your portfolio very quickly.

With ALTAIR you can now automate all these operations and check the real situation of your portfolio at any time, this will help you enormously in managing your assets and in making the best decisions in the shortest time!

This is just a small example of what Altair can do for you, but I am sure you will unleash your creativity and discover for yourself how you can use decentralized funds in many different ways that suit your needs.

If all this already seems revolutionary, keep in mind that our V.2 is not the final development of Altair Dex Fund, we are already working to implement inverse cryptocurrency pairs, short trading, leverage, stop loss and much more!





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